Steve Nash on business partner and prospective Kings owner Mark Mastrov

Mark Mastrov (left), Steve Nash (right)

Ask Steve Nash about Mark Mastrov and the two-time MVP has nothing but good things to say about the prospective Sacramento Kings owner.  In 2009, Nash and Mastrov partnered to form Steve Nash Fitness World, a chain of Canadian gyms located in the province of British Columbia.

“Mark’s great,” Nash told Cowbell Kingdom following Lakers shootaround at Sleep Train Arena on Saturday.  “He’s a great businessman, and a great person and a sports lover.”

The two were introduced to one another by Nash’s agent Bill Duffy.  When Mastrov’s New Evolution Ventures acquired the stable of health clubs four years ago, the two came together to rebrand the gyms under the moniker of the eight-time NBA All-Star.

“They’re friends from the bay area,” Nash said of Duffy’s relationship with Mastrov.  “And (we) just spoke about the opportunity to do business together in British Columbia.”

Mastrov is part of the private group assembled by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson proposing to buy the Kings and keep them in California.  This is the second time the fitness magnate has attempted to buy an NBA franchise.  Mastrov placed second in the sale of the Golden State Warriors two years ago.

Nash thinks the 54-year-old businessman would be a great addition to the league’s group of owners.  Besides praising Mastrov’s business sense, the Lakers point guard also spoke highly of the potential Kings owner’s values outside the board room.

“Humble person and a family man,” Nash said.  “I think his love of sports coupled with all that stuff makes him a great candidate to be an owner.”

Kobe Bryant on Sacramento

Kings fans may not like him, but they do have something in common with the future hall of famer.  Both are tired of the uncertainty surrounding the Kings that’s clouded the franchise over the last few seasons.

“You guys have been saying that *expletive* for three years,” Bryant said with a smirk to reporters following the Lakers’ five-point win in Sacramento on Saturday. “Tired of hearing that *expletive* man. You guys aren’t going no where. Cowbells are still in the building.”

Two years ago, the Lakers played the Kings in what was thought to be the last game ever in Sacramento.  Heading into that match-up, all indications seemed to point towards a Kings’ move to Anaheim.

You can hear the rest of Bryant’s comments about Sacramento in the video below.

[youtube id=”Lb5Udc_V14g” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Pau Gasol talks DeMarcus Cousins

When Cousins was preparing for the NBA Draft three years ago, the then 19-year-old Kentucky product often times referred to Pau Gasol as someone he compared his game to.  Three years later, the Lakers power forward can see the similarities between himself and the Kings starting center.

“He’s got great moves,” Gasol said Saturday afternoon.  “Uses his body really well.  He has also a mid-range game too, good outside shooting.  So yeah, a little resemblance to our games because we can handle the ball.  Guy’s very skilled too.”

Gasol notes, however, that there are differences in their games.  The 32-year-old big man believes Cousins has a much more powerful style of play “because of his body and physical attributes”.  Gasol, on the other hand, has made four All-Star teams and won two NBA championships with a finesse-like approach to the game.

So what must Cousins do in order to achieve the success Gasol has accomplished at basketball’s highest level?  The veteran power forward heeded some advice.

“He’s just gotta stay consistent,” Gasol said of Cousins. “Be consistent with himself, keep his mind always focused and make a difference in every game.”


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