Stern and Hunter already working on new CBA?

According to our friend Sam Amick of

The source confirmed an report that commissioner David Stern and union chief Billy Hunter met in Chicago last week, and told that the two have been meeting “once a week for the last couple of weeks.” And according to a second source close to the situation, Stern and Hunter are scheduled to meet in New York this Friday and next.

Certainly this is big news for basketball fans around the globe, but especially in Sacramento.  Momentum is a fickle thing.  There is no telling when it will show up, but when it does, you need to know what to do with it.  Right now, there is momentum in Sacramento to get a new sports and entertainment facility built and nothing would slow that momentum more than a lockout.  While the term lockout has been rearing its ugly head around the league for some time, it hasn’t got much play in Sacramento as fans and politicians have been too busy fighting tooth and nail just to keep the Kings in town for one more season while a plan is hatched to build a new arena.  If that one extra season is cut short or even in question come voting season, it will make selling public financing for a much needed new building even tougher.

Hats off to Commissioner Stern and Billy Hunter for starting early on what could be a long and nasty fight.


James Ham

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