Spreading Some Linkage

With the off-season so uneventful and yet, still upon us, there usually aren’t enough links to pass around in order to constitute an entire post of links. It reminds me of this line in Wayne’s World:

I definitely didn’t have many links each day, let alone enough links to necessitate a link rack post.

Something about this clip before I pass on some Kings links:

– Did anybody else get blown away by the fact that Stacy is played by Lara Flynn Boyle? Is that the role that turned Jack Nicholson on to her? Did he watch that and say, “Man….if she lost 25 pounds….and put on a tutu….she’ll be miiiiiiine.” That relationship always made me feel uneasy about everything. The sun wasn’t as bright. My Alphabets cereal didn’t spell as many words. And shampooed hair didn’t have that same intoxicating odor that it once had while they were a celebrity relationship with benefits.

ANYWAY, here are some links:

Chances are that if you’ve never heard of Sactown Royalty or you’re a reader of this site but don’t check out Sactown Royalty on a daily basis then you’re probably a family member of mine or a friend who doesn’t really care about reading sports on the internet but are nice enough to check out my writing. In case you fall into either of those two categories, here are some great pieces over the past couple days from StR.

– Tom Ziller writes about the Deconstruction of Beno Udrih.
– Section 214 puts things in perspective for Kings fans.
– Exhibit G talks about optimism and makes a comparison between the Heat and Kings that makes a lot of sense.

Here are some more Kings links:

From A Royal Pain, Chris Webber’s Top 10 Plays in the NBA (#4 is one of the most underrated shots I’ve ever seen).
– From Basketball Fiend, Patrick grades the off-season grades of the Pacific Division.
From Sac Bee Blog, here is Day 4 of Aileen Voisin’s trek to Israel for an international look at Omri Casspi (you should definitely check out the other days as well).


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