SI’s Sam Amick on Impact Basketball’s Vegas League

In case you missed it, last week we conducted a round-table panel with Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated and Aaron Bruski of NBC Sports on the Cowbell Kingdom Podcast.  Before we jumped into opinionated discussion, I asked Sam if there were any new developments in next week’s Impact Basketball Las Vegas League.

It’s coming along.  Jared Dudley’s kind of been the spokesman on this thing. The Suns swingman, who if you look at his Twitter account, he’s pretty fired up.  He’s pretty excited about what they’re doing out there.

It sounds like it’s still going to be 50-plus NBA guys, which to be honest, I haven’t heard 50-plus names.  So I’m pretty curious to hear or see if that ends up coming to fruition that it’s that many guys.  But I’m intrigued enough that I’ll be heading out there and I’m excited about it.

As far as any Kings taking part, Sam said he’s still trying to weed out the participants.

I haven’t heard any specific Kings.  I don’t think the Jason Thompsons and the Donté Greenes are Impact guys, and nobody else is coming to mind.  So I’m not sure there.

Sam said he’s heading out to Vegas this Sunday to cover the event.  You can listen to the entire exchange about the Impact League that hit the podcast’s cutting room floor below.



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