Show me the numbers.

Thanks to Street and Smiths Sports Business Journal Daily (SBJ) staff writers John Ourand and David Broughton, and the always thorough work of our friend Tom Ziller over at Sactown Royalty, we now have a better idea of what kind of television market the Sacramento area has to offer versus Anaheim.  According to Ziller, armed with additional information from the SBJ folks, the Sacramento Kings finished #17 in local television ratings this season and that’s not all:

When you put together ratings — the percentage of households tuning in — and market size — the number of households in a market — you end up with viewership. Per Ourand, the Kings had an average viewership of 23,000, No. 21 in the league. So despite an awful team and a smaller market, more eyeballs caught the Kings than several other teams.

The Lakers boast the league’s largest average viewership at 271,000 and the fourth highest rating at 4.79.  The Clippers on the other hand, had the second worst rating in the league of .99, even with a 130% increase over the previous year (thank you, Blake Griffin), and an estimated viewership of 54,000.  The pre-Blake Griffin numbers of the Clippers look extremely similar to those of the Kings team, drawing from a much smaller market and only having won 66 of a possible 246 games over the last three seasons.

Some interesting data to chew on.


James Ham

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