Say goodbye to these Sacramento Kings games

The posturing and the politicking continue in labor negotiations between the NBA and Players Union.  Both sides met twice before David Stern’s imposed game-cancellation deadline today.  But no agreement according to reporters on the scene.

Stern says no chance of an 82 game season. No more meetings scheduled at the moment.Tue Oct 11 01:50:39 via UberSocial for BlackBerry


Stern: “We have a gulf that separates us.”Tue Oct 11 01:49:59 via UberSocial for BlackBerry


Silver: What’s separated us over the past two days are not economic issues, but the system.Tue Oct 11 01:52:26 via TweetDeck

Fans lost summer league, free agency and more recently, the preseason (which was supposed to start yesterday).  And now the real casualties begin.

The first eight games of the Sacramento Kings’ season won’t be played.  Four home games, four road games.  Gone.  Wiped out.  Not happening.

We can say we’ve seen this coming for months.  But it’s still a punch to the gut.  And it’s too bad because they would have been fun.

Houston Rockets, November 2
Not since LeBron James’ NBA debut  have the Kings opened the season at home.  Eight years later and the schedule finally shows favor, all for naught.

At Golden State Warriors, November 4
No better way to start off the season.  The Kings’ first game would have been at home and their second would have been just an hour-bus ride away.

New Orleans, November 5
No showboating from Marcus Thornton

Los Angeles Lakers, November 7
The last time these two teams met was pretty good.

Cleveland Cavaliers, November 9
J.J. Hickson’s revenge is put on hold, as is Omri Casspi’s.

At Minnesota Timberwolves, November 11
Rick Adelman versus the old squad.  Zach Harper, who now resides in Minnesota, weeps.

At Chicago Bulls, November 12
Tyreke Evans sat out last year’s visit to the United Center.  So, I’m pretty sure he still thinks its his house.

At Memphis Grizzlies, November 14
Wasn’t this the most exciting 5.5 seconds of action in the NBA all last year?


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