Sacramento push to block Anaheim bonds almost complete.

This saga just keeps getting better.  The Sacramento Bee is reporting that local political consultant Rob Stutzman is closing in on the necessary signatures to block the City of Anaheim from issuing $75 million worth of bonds.  The bond money is earmarked for both required renovations to the Honda Center as well as a $50 million loan to the Maloof family to pay for relocation fees.  Once the required 11,000 signatures are collected, the City of Anaheim will be forced to either pay for a costly emergency ballot measure later in the year or wait until next year’s elections.

“What we’re doing is very real and matters legally,” Stutzman said, adding that he can gather the requisite number of signatures with “one arm tied behind my back.”

What impact this revelation will have on the Maloof’s dealings down in Anaheim is still unknown, but certainly it doesn’t make a move any easier.  Stay tuned, it’s going to be a crazy couple of weeks.


James Ham

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