Sacramento Kings To Have Variable Ticket Pricing

Kings just released this press release about introducing Variable Ticket Pricing for Kings games this year:

“We realize that all games are not created equal,” said Matina Kolokotronis, Kings president of business operations. “Similar to the successful model used by the hotel and airline industries, we are aligning our pricing to better match the demand set by the market. This new structure also allows us to price many games at a lower price than last season, making Kings games even more accessible for fans.

The new structure allows the team to better react to how fans are responding to the product game-by-game. With variable pricing, the price a fan pays for one game may be different than the price he or she pays for another game in the same seat. Additionally, prices for the same game may change as demand for that game adjusts over time. Fans are encouraged to buy early to guarantee their price at the time of purchase.

I love that the Kings are doing this. Many sports organizations do this already and it’s really the way to go. There’s no way you’re going to want to pay the same price to see the Miami Heat as you would to see the 76ers come rolling into town. Unless you have more fans wanting to attend games than seats, it’s almost impossible to have a professional franchise and not have this kind of system in place.

Kudos to the Kings for getting this implemented for the upcoming season. Catering to the fans when it comes to ticket prices is always a smart strategy.


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