Sacramento Kings to audition prospects worthy of second-round pick tomorrow

On the heels of hiring a new general manager, the Sacramento Kings will take a look at six prospects in a pre-draft workout tomorrow. ¬†The players trying out Tuesday will likely get consideration with the Kings’ second-round pick.

Of the group working out tomorrow, Lorenzo Brown and Deshaun Thomas are the only players tabbed as possible selections in next week’s draft. ¬†In Draft Express’ latest mock, Brown is projected to go 41st overall while Thomas is ranked 48th.

Below are the list of prospects.

C.J. Aiken

  • Age: 22
  • Position: Forward
  • College: Saint Joseph‚Äôs
  • Height: 6-9
  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Chad Ford’s Top 100 Ranking: 87
  • Quick Breakdown: Explosive, athletic wing. ¬†Also a good shot blocker for his position. ¬†Must get stronger and improve his jump shot.

Lorenzo Brown


  • Age: 22
  • Position:¬†Guard
  • College:¬†North Carolina State)
  • Height:¬†6-5
  • Weight:¬†189 lbs.
  • Chad Ford’s Top 100 Ranking: 41
  • Quick Breakdown:¬†Great size for the lead guard position, good ball handler, solid playmaker and is quick. ¬†Must get stronger, improve his jumper and get better at finishing around the rim.

Will Clyburn

  • Age: 23
  • Position:¬†Guard/Forward
  • College:¬†Iowa State
  • Height:¬†6-7
  • Weight:¬†210 lbs.
  • Chad Ford’s Top 100 Ranking: 76
  • Quick Breakdown:¬†Versatile player who can play both the shooting guard and small forward positions. ¬†Very good rebounder. ¬†Must play more consistently in all facets of his game, particularly his jump shot.

Robert Covington

  • Age: 22
  • Position:¬†Forward
  • College:¬†Tennessee State
  • Height: 6-7
  • Weight:¬†209 lbs.
  • Chad Ford’s Top 100 Ranking:¬†74
  • Quick Breakdown: Has length (7-2 wingspan), is a good shooter and rebounder. ¬†However, coming off of a knee injury and is a bit of a tweener.

Nurideen Lindsey

  • Age:¬†22
  • Position:¬†Guard
  • College: Rider
  • Height:¬†6-2
  • Weight:¬†170 lbs.
  • Chad Ford’s Top 100 Ranking:¬†Unranked
  • Quick Breakdown: Quick, athletic leaper and has knack for slashing to the rim. ¬†Still developing as a point guard and must improve his jump shot.

Deshaun Thomas

  • Age:¬†21
  • Position: Forward
  • College:¬†Ohio State
  • Height: 6-7
  • Weight:¬†220 lbs.
  • Chad Ford’s Top 100 Ranking: 52
  • Quick Breakdown:¬†Strong, athletic, versatile wing. ¬†Can shoot the ball, score and rebound. ¬†Questions about his work ethic and effort on defense.



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