Sacramento Kings react to tentative NBA labor deal

With news of a new labor agreenment being tentatively reached, your Sacramento Kings took to Twitter to share their reactions.


Is it true The lockout over ?Sat Nov 26 08:39:29 via Echofon


The lockout OVER no more peanut better n jelly sandwiches n Ramen noodlleeeeSat Nov 26 09:03:10 via Echofon

Is it time 2 goto work? Might hit the gym right now cuz I’m so hyped!!!Sat Nov 26 09:04:39 via Echofon


Lockout over on @KaylaJasmin bday!!!! She’s good luck lolSat Nov 26 09:39:02 via Echofon


Heard the lockout was over and u know where I went immediately lol #greatness @ Nov 26 09:43:35 via Twitter for iPhone


RT @thoneycutt23: @Isaiah_Thomas2 u ready kid?- lets getit bro! Time 2 eatSat Nov 26 10:11:05 via Echofon


I’m hyped!!!! Gotta catch some zzzzzzz thoSat Nov 26 10:12:13 via Echofon


U already now RT @youngwhiteside its time 4 u to put in work now i been bragging at work about how good you are. dont let me downSat Nov 26 10:48:11 via Echofon


Time to get back to work, lehhhhhggggoooSat Nov 26 10:48:38 via Twitter for iPhone


Man I’m excited right nowSat Nov 26 10:51:53 via Twitter for iPhone


Good mornin twitworld, I’m up! It was hard to sleep last night bcuz I was so hyped about the lockout being over… What about y’all?Sat Nov 26 15:12:51 via Echofon


Morning tworld woke up feeling good, now that this lockout is over.Sat Nov 26 17:27:55 via Twitter for iPhone


Woke up this am didn’t know what was goin on but I think I might be having a job againSat Nov 26 17:30:04 via Twitter for iPhone


Preciate the love from everyone too #saluteSat Nov 26 17:30:44 via Twitter for iPhone


So do we get paid on wed??? LolSat Nov 26 18:21:14 via Echofon


I still can’t believe it I need more proof lolSat Nov 26 18:29:08 via Twitter for iPhone


So all party promoters r throwing welcome bac NBA party’s!!!! I will not be there!!!! *as I run on da treadmill* lmaoSat Nov 26 18:33:09 via Echofon


So I can talk 2 @TheBobbyJackson now? LolSat Nov 26 19:18:01 via Echofon


This Xmas will be dedicated to god of course and all the fans who waited patiently and stayed ready thru this whole process #NBAlockoutoverSat Nov 26 19:49:04 via Twitter for iPhone


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