Rumor mill starts. Teams eyeing the Kings 7th pick?

Lottery night has come and gone, leaving the Sacramento Kings once again pining for some sort of cosmic balance.  There is a consensus amongst the NBA’s talking heads that this is one of the worst drafts in recent memory and to be completely honest, I agree.  That doesn’t mean that we will shirk our responsibilities here at Cowbell Kingdom to give you top notch draft coverage, it just means that we might very well be wasting a whole lot of time in doing so.’s Sam Amick threw this little tid bit into yesterdays pre-draft camp overview post:


Sources say Houston, which has the No. 14 pick, is interested in moving up in the draft. One potential partner might be Sacramento, which is believed to be open to such a move in exchange for impactful veteran help.

While Amick was quick to point out via twitter that there is nothing “brewing” between the two teams, this is the start of what could be an interesting couple of weeks in Sacramento.  Teams know that the Kings have a young nucleus in dire need of veteran leadership and one of the ways to add that leadership is through draft day trades.  The problem will be placing a dollar value on that leadership before the new CBA and for that matter, placing a player value on the 7th overall pick in a highly questionable draft.  Hold onto your hats folks, there is a lot that can happen between now and the June 23rd NBA draft.


James Ham

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