Road Reaction Postgame Show: Miami Heat 122, Sacramento Kings 103

The Sacramento Kings head to South Beach for the first meeting this year with the defending champion Miami Heat. Join Jonathan Santiago and James Ham for the CK Road Reaction Postgame Show on Google+, which starts immediately after the game. The video will be embedded below.

[youtube id=”BHaGb_xja4g” width=”600″ height=”350″]

What to watch

1. Who will guard DeMarcus Cousins?

LeBron James can guard five positions on the floor, but can he guard a big man like Cousins in the post?  Chris Bosh will get the first call, unless Heat coach Eric Spoelstra wants to mix up his starting line up.  Chris Anderson, Joel Anthony and Udonis Halsem will likely get a shot at slowing down the Kings center as well.

2. Which Kings team shows up?

The Kings took the Heat to double overtime a year ago, but that was a long time ago.  The Kings have played up to their competition on more than one occasion this season.  They are going to need a great performance out of each and every player that takes the floor, just to have a chance in this one.

3. Who’s big three scores the most?

The trio of Bosh, Wade and James combine to score nearly 60 points a game for the Heat on the season.  That number is slightly less than what Malone is getting out of the combination of Rudy Gay, Isaiah Thomas and Cousins in their four games together.  Now if the Kings can only play defense like the Heat…


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