Rest Easy Not So Big Forwards

For anyone still hoping for a big splash at the small forward position, this is going to be disappointing. The small forwards of free agency have been raided and are now being signed by any and every contender for next year.

While the Kings have Andres Nocioni, Donte Greene and now Omri Casspi at the small forward position, quite a few fans wanted the Kings to either bring back Hedo Turkoglu or go after a young player with a lot of potential like Trevor Ariza. Well, I have bad news — all of the small forwards have been signed this off-season.

Okay, not ALL the small forwards have been signed. But all of the small forwards that are interesting or intriguing to the Kings rebuilding effort have been scooped up.

– Hedo Turkoglu agreed in principle to a contract with the Portland Trailblazers. The deal is believed to be worth around $50 million over five years.

– Trevor Ariza has agreed in principle to sign with the Houston Rockets to play alongside Tracy McGrady’s ghost and Shane Battier’s underratedness. The deal is supposed to be for the full mid-level exception (roughly five years, $33.5 million).

And for the few remaining fans who wanted Ron Artest to be brought back to Sacramento (see: Carmichael Dave and his radio show production team):

– Ron Artest has agreed to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers to play alongside his best friend and idol Kobe Bryant. The deal should be around  five years and $33.5 million, just like the Ariza contract.

With all of the good small forwards gone, perhaps we should look to a bigger player for the addition.


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