Report: Sacramento Kings forward Rudy Gay has broken jaw

Rudy Gay looks down to the floor as the Kings take on the Warriors. (Photo: Jonathan Santiago)

Rudy Gay has a broken jaw.  The Sacramento Kings forward described the injury in detail while speaking to USA Today following World Cup practice in Madrid on Saturday.

“I’ve got a fracture in my jaw, a broken tooth and am going to probably need a root canal,” the Sacramento Kings veteran said to USA Today. “The top is where I got hit. It’s painful. It’s uncomfortable, and it still bleeds, so I’ve got to continuously gargle. It is what it is, man.”

Gay suffered the injury during the third quarter of Team USA’s semifinal match-up against Lithuania on Thursday.  He took a hard shot to the top of the mouth that caused the damage in a play he felt was unnecessary.  Following the game, the Sacramento Kings veteran voiced his displeasure to the members of the Lithuanian National Team.

“I think (the elbow) had a little bit to do with (the situation afterward),” the Sacramento Kings forward said to USA Today of the shouting match that ensued during the postgame handshake between the two teams. “It was a dirty play, man. It was a dirty play.”

According to USA Today, Gay had his broken jaw worked on until 2 a.m. in Barcelona on Friday.  Despite the injury, the Sacramento Kings veteran will be available to play in tomorrow’s gold medal game against Serbia.


Jonathan Santiago
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