Relocation Extension: This is happening, people. UGH

Mark Kreidler is on top of the Maloofs filing for an extension to look over Anaheim’s offer of having the team move there.

While this sounds bad, it’s not a terrible sign. All it means is the team is looking into relocation. It doesn’t mean they will relocate.

At the same time, this sucks. There is no real deadline for when the Maloofs have to file for relocation with the extension being approved. According to Kreidler’s timeline, it could go through the end of the season.

It makes very little sense to me that the Kings would end up in Anaheim. They don’t really have this brand new immaculate arena for the Maloofs’ disposal and the territory is already filled with Lakers fans, bandwagon Lakers fans, Clipper Darrel, bandwagon Blake Griffin fans and Jimmy Goldstein. Unless the Kings are a proven winner, the people down there aren’t really going to flock to this team just because they’re new. Yes, it’s the second biggest media market in the country and there are probably 18 times as many people in the LA area as there are in the Sacramento area, but I just don’t see the Kings becoming this staple (no pun intended with the Staples Center) of Southern California basketball.

At the same time, the Maloofs clearly are interested and if they feel one-third of the LA market is more profitable than the entire Sacramento market, they’ll pack up the trucks and turn this place into the new Seattle.

This really sucks. I understand it’s just the Maloofs looking into their options and it gives the Taylor/ICON duo a chance to show their plan without the Kings already making up their minds. It just would be really unfortunate for the ownership to turn their back on this city for a crowded area.

Check out Kreidler’s timeline and Sam Amick’s timeline for updates and good information on this development.


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