Radio personality Carmichael Dave announces “Playing to Win Tour” to keep Kings in Sacramento


The Sacramento grassroots community is at it again.  Today Dave Weiglein, better known as a local radio personality Carmichael Dave, is taking the fight to keep the Kings on the road.


With a team of radio and film producers, the father of the “Here We Build” and “Here We Buy”  movements is setting to visit 12-plus NBA cities in what’s being dubbed the “Playing To Win Tour”, complete with a decked out Happy Daze RV.  Weiglein and his team plan on working to spread the word about Sacramento’s plight to anyone who’ll listen.

“We’ve all done so much to this point and we are at the stretch run,” Weiglein told Cowbell Kingdom.  “It’s here.  I wanted to find a way to occupy every minute of every day left getting the word out.  We know Sacramento is on 100 percent.  Now it’s time to take the message to the rest of the country.  As I’ve always said, we are the good guys in this movie,  We just need everyone else to see that too.”

The tour will begin in Sacramento on Mar. 19 and culminate with an appearance in New York on Apr. 3, where Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and his ownership group are scheduled to pitch the NBA’s relocation and finance committees on keeping the team in California’s city capital city.

The national tour is set to cover some 15,000 miles and will include local media appearances, presence at respective arenas and games, when possible, and local sports fan hot spots.

“The time for Sacramento is now,” Weiglein wrote in the official press release. “Through years of uncertainty and relocation rumors, this city and its people have continued their steadfast ‘never give up’ mentality. This is our last stand and my mission is to do everything possible to ensure this team remains the Sacramento Kings.”

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