Questions arise about FPPC complaint filed against Sheedy’s arena poll

Remember that complaint filed against Councilwoman Sandy Sheedy, alleging that she had violated election laws with her public opinion poll on a new Sacramento arena?  Well, questions regarding the legitimacy of that complaint have emerged.  Ryan Lillis of the Sacramento Bee dug up some new details.

It has been reported that Sheedy is the focus of a complaint made to the Fair Political Practices Commission last week. Copies of the alleged complaint were circulated to the media over the weekend, but there’s a problem: the FPPC hasn’t received the complaint, according to Gary Winuk, chief of the commission’s enforcement division.

There’s something else that doesn’t make sense. The name on the document is Robert Langdon, a Rosemont resident who wasn’t even surveyed by Sheedy’s pollsters. And, based on an email exchange I’ve had with Langdon, it’s not clear he knew he was filing a complaint.

Langdon wrote to me that he “signed this like a complaint/petition like I have done with many petitions over the years” and that he “agreed to some of the things the complaint/petitions stated.”

“I’m not real familiar with the whole complaint process so I don’t want to be in the wrong for complaining,” he wrote, adding, “I believe I am not involved in this anymore, it is between Sheedy and the (FPPC).”

Update (11:54 pm):  Fox 40 interviewed Sheedy to get her response regarding the backlash she’s received.  Here’s some of what she had to say.

“I did the poll because I wanted to see what the people of the city of Sacramento are feeling about the arena.”

And among the 600 registered voters polled…

“They want the right to vote. Seventy-two percent of them want the right to vote,” Sheedy said. “And 75 percent of them want the Kings to pay their loan back.

You can watch the full report here.


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