Pre-season recap: #4. Kings vs. The Warriors.

Starting Line-ups.


  • Tyreke Evans
  • Luther Head
  • Donté Greene
  • Carl Landry
  • DeMarcus Cousins

Injuries: Beno Udrih (shoulder)-out, Samuel Dalembert (adductor)-out, Hassan Whiteside (patella tendon strain)-out.


  • Stephen Curry
  • Monta Ellis
  • Dorell Wright
  • David Lee
  • Andris Biedrins

Injuries: Louis Admundson (back)-out, Rodney Carney (hip)-out, Ekpe Udoh (wrist)-out.

A quarter by quarter numbers breakdown can be found below and for a comprehensive game breakdown, I suggest Aykis’ work at Sactown Royalty.

Coaches notes and quotes:

  • Westphal on the play of Jeter and Head: “It was really nice to see Pooh start to play like he’s been playing in our gym. He is going to really be able to help us as the catalyst off the bench and I thought Luther Head gave us a very big lift. He’s an experienced pro and he can help our team.”
  • On Darnell Jackson: “I thought Darnell Jackson was the difference. When we had guys in foul trouble, he came and gave us some great minutes.”
  • On the fresh legs of Carl Landry: “It looked like he had his quickness, and I think we’ll see a lot of games from Carl like that.”
  • On whether Casspi will get a shot to start one of the remaining pre-season games: “I like Casspi off the bench, I’ve said that a lot. I think he gives us a really nice lift that way. I’m not ready to answer your question completely but I do like him off the bench.”
  • On the strong play of Donté Greene: “I thought he really showed the kind of impact he can have on a game.”
  • On the in-game injury to Francisco Garcia: “I know he tweaked his ankle a little bit, but it’s not anything life threatening.”
  • On Cousins shooting from the three: “We don’t want him to play like Okur or Sam Perkins or somebody where he’s just out on the perimeter, but he’s a good shooter and if he’s wide open and feeling it, it’s ok.”

The view from TPP:

  • Donté Greene on going from who knows where 48 hours ago, to possibly the starting small forward for the Kings: “I’m happy, you know, I’m just trying to continue to work and get better everyday and do whatever it takes to get that job.”
  • Darnell Jackson does the old bending pencil trick with his arms.

    Darnell Jackson on his role on this team: “To play hard, every minute, every second, to communicate.”

  • Tyreke Evans on guarding Ellis and Curry: “I just have to be ready. They are going to push the ball and take a lot of shots. I just have to be ready.”
  • Omri Casspi on the battle for the small forward position: “Coach is trying different things, different rotations. I don’t really try to pay attention to it. I just try to play my best game and be fresh and play good defense.”
  • Omri Casspi on defense: “I’m trying to focus on defense right now. It was a step forward I needed to take from last year. First of all, I feel a lot stronger and I feel like I can defend a lot better.”
  • Steph Curry on meshing with Monta Ellis: “He’s our leader and my backcourt mate that I really have to have chemistry with for us to be successful. Starting off the court with our relationship and moving towards on the court success.”
  • David Lee on DeMarcus Cousins: “You can write this: I’m not buying into the three pointers just yet. But he’s got a good feel for the game. He plays hard, that’s the most important thing and as the season goes on and he gets in better shape, that’s going to be a load to handle down there.”
  • This afternoon I will have more from David Lee, including thoughts on his new team, possible trades that didn’t happen and his take on Sacramento as a free agent destination.


  • Mid-way through the 1st quarter, news came down that Samuel Dalembert was officially ruled out 4-6 weeks with the same strained adductor muscle that he has been dealing with since the start of camp. You can find my write up on that here.
  • In the 2nd quarter, Francisco Garcia rolled an ankle. Coach Westphal made reference to it in the post game press conference. Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee is reporting that Garcia did not travel with the team to Las Vegas and is out for tonight’s game against the Lakers.

1st quarter totals:

W’s 30  Kings 29


Kings: Evans (8) points; Greene (4) rebounds; 4 players (1) assist

W’s: Ellis (10) points; Lee (4) rebounds; Wright/Curry (2) assists

Fg%- Kings 47.6% W’s 47.6%

Rebounds- Kings 13 W’s 9

Assists/Turnover- Kings 4/5  W’s  6/4

2nd quarter totals:

Kings 53  W’s 51


Kings: Cousins/Landry (9) points; Casspi (5) rebounds; 6 players (1) assist

W’s: Ellis/Rad (10) points; Lee/Rad (4) rebounds; Wright/Curry (2) assists

Fg%- Kings 44.4% W’s 37.0%

Rebounds- Kings 13 W’s 9

Assists/Turnover- Kings 6/12  W’s  9/8

3rd quarter totals:

Kings 80  W’s 77


Kings: Evans (17) points; Casspi /Cousins (6) rebounds; Jeter (4) assists

W’s: Ellis (16) points; Lee (9) rebounds; Ellis (4) assists

Fg%- Kings 47.3% W’s 40.0%

Rebounds- Kings 34 W’s 26

Assists/Turnover- Kings 12/18  W’s  13/14

Final totals:

Kings 116  W’s 97


Kings: DeMarcus Cousins (20) points; Casspi (9) rebounds; Jeter (7) assists

W’s: Ellis (18) points; Lee (10) rebounds; Ellis (4) assists

Fg%- Kings 48.1% W’s 42.2%

Rebounds- Kings 46 W’s 33

Assists/Turnover- Kings 19/20  W’s  16/21


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