Poll: What should the Sacramento Kings do with their 2014 draft pick?

Ben McLemore and Ray McCallum show off their new Sacramento Kings jerseys. (Photo: Jonathan Santiago)

We are one week away from finding out where the Sacramento Kings will select in the 2014 NBA Draft. Odds are, they will once again walk into draft night with the seventh overall selection.  During the team’s 29-year history in Sacramento, the Kings have drafted seventh overall six times, more than any other position in the draft.

There is an outside shot that the Kings can do what so many other teams have done to them.  They could leap frog into the top three in what is widely considered an elite, top heavy draft.  It could amount to one of the greatest coups in team history.

Whether they draft at seven, move down to eight, nine or 10, or even jump up into the top three, there is still the question of what the Kings should do with the pick.

The closer to the top they get, the more difficult the decision becomes.  If the Kings stay at seven or even slide back a selection or two, my opinion is that Sacramento will deal the pick for veteran help.  I may be wrong.

But what happens if Sacramento has a chance at one, two or three in a draft that may have perennial All-Star talent at the top?  The pick is worth gold.  It could be used to select one of Joel Embiid, Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins.  But maybe it could also be dealt for an All-Star level player that can contribute right away.

It’s a basic question, but one worth asking.  If you are Pete D’Alessandro, what do you do with your 2014 draft pick?  For sake of eliminating confusion, the Kings can’t actually trade their pick until after the selection is made.

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