Poll: What should the Sacramento Kings do with the seventh pick in the 2013 NBA Draft?

C.J. McCollum interviewed by Sacramento media at his last pre-draft workout. (Photo: Jonathan Santiago)

The 2013 NBA Draft is only three days away and the Sacramento Kings are sitting pretty with the seventh overall pick.  Conventional wisdom says take the best player available, but what does that actually mean in this particular draft?

Is the 2013 NBA Draft historically bad?  Can the Kings find a starter in the lot?  Do you draft someone that hasn’t come in for a visit, let alone two?

The Kings have gotten a solid look at Trey Burke, but he is expected to go somewhere in the top six.  They have also taken a second look at Shabazz Muhmmad out of UCLA and they are expected to do the same with Lehigh’s C.J McCollum later today.  We will get to specific players later this week, but what is the most pressing need the Kings have and can they fill it with the seventh overall pick?

There are options and no one really knows who will be available when the Kings pick.  Rumors persist that there is a shake-up at the top of the draft.  Nerlens Noel, long considered this draft’s No. 1 selection, appears to be sliding.  He is out until December at the earliest, but it’s more likely January with his torn ACL.

Alex Len is climbing the boards, potentially unseating Noel as Cleveland’s selection.  Victor Oladipo appears to have a solid hold on the No. 2 spot with the Orlando Magic and most draft experts would be shocked if the Washington Wizards passed on Otto Potter with the third overall pick.

If this is the draft order, where does Noel fall?  The offensively challenged Charlotte Bobcats at four?  The Phoenix Suns at number five?  It’s anyone’s guess, but if the fall from No. 1 happens, it will have a ripple effect at the top half of the draft.

Where does Anthony Bennett go?  And what about Trey Burke and Ben McLemore?

Bennett could easily wind up with any of the teams drafting 4-7.  Burke on the other hand is going to have trouble getting past New Orleans at No. 6.  After a rocky week, rumors are circulating that McLemore could be plummeting.  If he makes it past Charlotte at No. 4, there is a possibility that he makes it all the way to the Kings at seven after a very lackluster workout with the Suns last week.

Do the Kings have a shot at one of the draft’s top players again?  Will McLemore make a last minute trip to Sacramento if he thinks he is going to slide?  Do the Kings take the plunge on a player that doesn’t fit a position of need and  has had a questionable pre-draft season?

These are the questions that Pete D’Alessandro and his staff must  answer before their pick is on the clock on Thursday night.

So what would you do if you are the Sacramento Kings?

Where will the Kings end up in the lottery?

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