Poll: Ray McCallum shines in Las Vegas, but what does that mean?


NBA Summer league is like pre-season NFL games. Stats mean nothing. Wins and loses mean nothing. The only thing that matters is the sight test and from all accounts, Sacramento Kings rookie second round pick Ray McCallum is passing with flying colors.

Who doesn’t want a 6-foot-3, defensive minded athlete with a high basketball IQ and college coach for a father?

That is what McCallum has shown so far. While the buzz coming into summer league was all about first round pick Ben McLemore, McCallum has stolen the show. Sure, the Kings are 0-2 and look every bit the youngest team in Las Vegas, which they are. But the former Detroit star is quickly making a strong impression.

In his first two professional games, McCallum is averaging 17 points, 5.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists and four steals per game. Again, stats mean very little, but McCallum is showing a penchant for leading and clearly he has grabbed the reigns of this team in Las Vegas.

But the Kings have a ton of guards. Six to be exact, including two veteran point guards in Isaiah Thomas and Greivis Vasquez who are already making plans for an epic battle over the starting position in training camp.

We are a long way away from needing to make a decision on who and what Ray McCallum is as a professional basketball player, but it appears that once again, the Kings have found a second round jewel.

It’s early to take the pulse of the fanbase, but lets hear it.
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