Poll: Can DeMarcus Cousins turn the page with Team USA?

Omer Asik vs. DeMarcus Cousins (Photo: Ron Nabity)

Starting today, DeMarcus Cousins is getting a second chance with Team USA.  His first run last season was a complete disaster.  Cousins was asked to be physical, but physical to him and physical to the normal person was not exactly the same thing.  Cousins then caught the ire of Jerry Colangelo and the president of USA Basketball branded Cousins public enemy No. 1.  Then, the rest was history.

But now Cousins is starting anew.  He is an Olympic hopeful again and this time around, he will do it his way.

So much is riding on this Olympic berth.  Making the 2016 games mean fame and fortune.  They mean cashing out on a max money deal or something close to it.  But they also mean that Cousins and his I-am-who-I-am mentality have to hit the road.  Cousins needs to take a page from Jerry McGuire and learn how to dance.

That is what this is all about.  Dancing for the man.  Can Cousins conform?  Can he become the All-Star that everyone knows he can become?  Or is he forever lost in the anger game, in the he-did-me-wrong game?

We will find out soon enough.  Cousins is an extraordinary talent.  He has Olympic potential, but so do plenty of others.

It is time for Cousins to cash in and make himself an NBA All-Star, to make himself an Olympian.  If that doesn’t happen, it is truly on him.

We all know people who are talented.  We know people who either understand how talented they are or don’t.  It can be frustrating, but sometimes they don’t get it.

Cousins is getting a second chance at love.  He is getting a second chance that very few ever get.  Can he make the most of it?  Can he become a hero for his country?

It is once again up to him.  He has the talent, he has the ability, but is he one of the most talented American athletes worthy of representing his country on the highest level.  That is something special.  Something that should be respected in the highest order.

So how will he fair?  Will DeMarcus Cousins make the most of his chance or will he become the guy that just doesn’t get it?

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James Ham

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