Over at SLAM: 2011 SLAMonline Mock Draft

I participated in the guessing game that is SLAM’s annual mock draft.   I pretended I was Kings GM for a day and picked Kemba Walker with the 7th pick.  Here’s a little bit why:

The Kings don’t necessarily need a playmaking point guard. Rather, they could use a one who can play off-the-ball and hit open shots, while Evans and Cousins serve as primary playmakers. And though Walker was UConn’s chief scorer en route to a national championship, he has shown he’s quite capable of playing off-the-ball. Jimmer Fredette could be an option here too. But he’s not nearly as athletic a player the Kings would need to keep up defensively with the NBA’s speediest point guards.

You can read the rest of what I wrote here.  And feel free to disagree with my choice or my logic.

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