No training camp update.

Although there is very little to report today as the team is traveling to Los Angeles to play the Clippers, I can confirm via twitter that both DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans traveled with the team. So far this pre-season, when a player travels with the team on the road, he plays, so hopefully the starting line-up can get some game action together. Dalembert and Whiteside are still out until further notice but Whiteside did make the trip with the team.

Instead of taking the day off completely, I have decided to post some recent videos and pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Donté Greene and Tyreke Evans were really clowning Francisco Garcia in this clip. Garcia had an off day with the shooting touch and the young guys were not about to let it slide. It has become a daily ritual for these three to have three point shooting competitions after practice.

These photos are from the day that Donté Greene was named the starter. Greene had been something of a mythical creature before this day. Of the nearly thousand photos I have snapped from camp, I had only caught him on camera one time. Greene brings a different energy than any of the other players and since his appearance on the scene, the gym has gotten a whole lot noisier.

This video was taken maybe 10 minutes after Omri Casspi went down with an ankle injury. With so many of his teammates missing action with ankle issues, Casspi shook it off and got back to business. He even took a minute to stop by afterward to chat, which you can find here, but this is my favorite quote from the exchange,”It’s alright. It’s just a little tweak, a little twist. It’s only an ankle, I’ll be alright.” You have to appreciate Casspi’s dedication.

The Kings take on the Clippers in their second to last pre-season game Tuesday night. As has been the case with the rest of pre-season, the game will not be televised. Tomorrow morning, I will be posting a very interesting interview with Kings assistant coach Jim Eyen. Stay tuned.



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