NBA Trade Deadline: Memphis Interested in Sergio

According to Sam Amick, the Grizzlies are interested in acquiring Sergio Rodriguez:

Because the Griz are under the salary cap, they could simply take Sergio on while the Kings would save the remaining money from this season.

The Kings in theory would get a trade exception for the equal amount of Sergio’s contract if they’re not getting anything in return from Memphis. But with the Kings being so far under the salary cap, the trade exception really doesn’t do them any good during the off-season retooling. Trade exceptions are best used by teams over the salary cap, which don’t have cap flexibility.

If the Kings ended up using their salary cap room, they would have one year from the trade to use this trade exception. After that it expires. This deal seems to be a clear way to save a few dollars for the Kings the rest of the season. I love what Sergio does on the court but he’s not such an integral part of the future of this franchise that he can’t be spared for a team fighting for playoff contention.


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