NBA Lockout: Jason Thompson’s reaction to players and owners agreement

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After 149 days of back and forth negotiations, the NBA Lockout is almost over.  I caught up with Sacramento Kings big man Jason Thompson and picked his brain earlier today on the good news.

Your initial reaction to the news.
It’s a good relief that we’re not unemployed and that we got our jobs back and what better day to start than on Christmas.  They say it’s tentative right now, but obviously it’s good to have hope.  It’s going to be good to be around teammates and things like that (again).

How did you first hear the news?
I mean just like I was telling people.  I heard it through ESPN and stuff like that.  I was out to eat and then I just saw it on the news.

Leadership from the players send you anything yet?
Yeah, I’m sure they sent an email.  I just haven’t checked it yet, so I gotta look in myself (still).

And you’re still in Sacramento too, right?
Yeah, at the moment, yeah.

Still planning to head back east now?
Probably yeah.  Maybe just to get more of my stuff and see what’s up.  And I was suppose to go on a tour with (LeBron James), Chris Paul and Carmelo (Anthony).  I think they’re still doing it, but I’m not sure if I’ll still play.

Nobody’s reached out to you yet about what might happen with that event?
I think it’s still going to happen, but they’re still in talks.  So, I don’t know yet.  It’s not official.

You’re going back to Philly.  But with the season looking like it’s going to happen, how long will be you out there?
Well I think there is a day they’re (NBA and player officials) talking about.  Training camp starts on like the 9th or something so I’ll at least come (back) maybe a couple days before – three days or something like that.

Any chance of you guys getting together before December 9th to hold an unofficial start to training camp?
Who knows?  When everything is official and when you figure out when guys are coming in and stuff like that, then we’ll look into it so we’ll see.

Has anyone from the Kings (coaches, front office, etc) reached out to you?
No I haven’t talked to guys yet because I don’t think (the deal) has been signed yet.  It’s still touchy man so I don’t know too much information right now.  Everything is just brand new.

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