NBA Lockout: Donté Greene’s reaction to players and owners agreement

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To paraphase Roger Mason Jr. – looks like an NBA season, how u?  I touched base with Kings forward Donté Greene this afternoon for his take on the tentative end of the NBA lockout.

Thoughts on what’s transpired over the last 24 hours?
I’m happy, pleased.  Looks like we have a fair deal in place.  So just looking to get back out there and be playing and hanging with my teammates.

Have you received any messages from the leadership of the dissolved players unions?
Nah, no emails or phone calls quite yet.  I don’t think it’s a done deal for sure.  Nothing has been signed to my knowledge.  But I believe they’re happy with the agreement in place and probably are looking to sign and definitely going to sign.

Do you have any idea of how the next few days are going to go in terms of this whole process?
I don’t know.  We’ll have to wait and see.  I know it was late last night (when the deal was reached).  It was like after 1 am and of course, I was asleep.  But, we shall see.  If everything looks right, I’m quite sure all the players will vote yes and the main thing is making sure everything looks fair and looks good for us in the future.

How did you first hear about the news?
Yeah, my wife woke me up, and I guess she was on Twitter.  Woke me up and was up late with my son.  So, woke me up and showed me the message so we were all happy and just waiting to get back to work.

Any plans to get the team together sooner rather than later to get a head start on training camp?
I don’t know.  It’s up to our team captains of course – Tyreke (Evans) and Francisco (Garcia).  See what they decide.  I’m all for coming back early and working out.  I’m actually in the process right now of packing!  Started packing today and ready just to move my fam back out and everything.

You just left for Charlotte a few days ago.  When do you expect to be back in Sacramento?
I’ll be back in a few days.

This deal couldn’t have come at a better time.  We got the Goon Squad Classic in last week.  Now NBA basketball is coming back.
Yeah, yeah great timing.  I’m happy we were able to have the game and bring basketball back to Sac.  I was actually planning another game  but looks like we won’t be needing that and just get ready for the regular season.

The deal is still pending.  But have you tried reaching out to any officials with the team?
No I haven’t talked to anybody.  I talked to my teammates.  Everybody’s excited.  JT (Jason Thompson) called me this morning and he’s pretty excited.  So I’ll be rooming with him for a few weeks until I get me another house.  But I mean we’re all excited.  Just ready to get back.  As soon as I get the word, I’m going to call Coach (Paul) Westphal and get on the horn with him see where his head is at with everything and just ready to get back rolling.


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