Update: Mayor Kevin Johnson meets with AEG and NBA

Continuing with his theme of “transparency”, Mayor Kevin Johnson issued a statement on his meeting with AEG President Tim Leiweke and NBA Commissioner David Stern in New York today.  According to our friend Rob McAllister of KFBK Radio, Mayor Johnson said in a statement the meetings were “productive.”

“I had a productive conversation today with Commissioner Stern and Tim Leiweke. We exchanged updates on a range of topics, including the positive momentum of last Tuesday’s council vote, the upcoming timeline for the city to determine the private sector’s interest in leasing Sacramento’s parking, and need to finalize the full set of public and private funding sources we’ll need to reach a deal that will create 4000+ jobs and transform our economy.”

While the City of Sacramento works feverishly to get their ducks in a row on the financing side, the Maloof brothers have gone on record with the Sacramento Bee, saying that they’re  “flexible” on that March 1st deadline.
“The league has always been flexible … so I don’t know about that (a firm deadline). There are a lot of people working in a positive vein this time, where before, there was a lot of negativity. But everybody is on board. So we’re optimistic guys. We want to get it done here in Sacramento.”
– Joe Maloof
Momentum seems to building, with the city’s parking as a catalyst to the financing deal.  According to McAllister’s report, AEG has yet to formalize an agreement with the City of Sacramento, but remain extremely involved with the project.  Mayor Johnson still has some pretty high hurdles to climb over, but momentum seems to be on his side.

Update: News 10’s Nick Moncaelli was in New York and touched base with the Mayor on the meeting.  He filed the following report:


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