Maloofs in the house.

Joe Maloof, via twitter, has confirmed that he, along with brothers Gavin and George will be in attendance for Here We Stay night at newly named Power Balance Pavilion.

@Joe_Maloof Joe Maloof
Gavin, George, & myself will absolutely be at the game Monday night.

My mom really wants to come, but she just had back surgery so it will depend on how she feels. Knowing her, she’ll do everything she can.

Those 17,317 fans that will be there Monday night are our friends. We will always appreciate the fans and the customer.

I know one thing, it’s going to be a special night.

This sets the stage for what should be one of the most emotional nights in Sacramento Kings history as the fans try to show the Maloof family just how much they want them to stay in town.  Faced with the impending March 1st relocation deadline, the fans of Sacramento have rallied to sell-out the formerly named Arco Arena for Monday night’s contest against the Los Angeles Clippers.  Since the announcement during All-Star weekend by NBA commissioner David Stern that the Maloof family was indeed in negotiation for a possible move to Anaheim, grass root campaigns like Here We Stay and Sac Deflated have done their best to rally support.

News came down Thursday of this week that the Maloof family had filed for a relocation extension with the NBA.  After finding out about the extension request from a google news feed, Sacramento Mayor and former NBA star Kevin Johnson came out on the offensive against the Maloof family for their lack of communication, and taking the extension request as a clear sign of the family’s intention to relocate the team.

This announcement by Joe Maloof leaves the door cracked ever so slightly that the Maloof family is still considering keeping the Kings in Sacramento.  This announcement also gives the fans the opportunity to make their case at least one more time before the final decision has to be made.


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