Lawson has had his own redemption year just like the North Carolina Tar Heels

The redemption tour for North Carolina came to an end Monday night as the Tar Heels got the job done 71-65 against a very talented Gonzaga team.

“I was excited. Them boys took it home. I know they are feeling good right now, they probably running up and down on Franklin street going wild,” Ty Lawson said with a chuckle. “They played hard, it was a tough season. They redeemed themselves from last year so I’m excited.”


Lawson understands what it takes to win a national championship, as he was a key contributor in North Carolina’s 2009 victory over the Michigan State Spartans.

“It’s fun. All the blood, sweat and tears you put into it, and all the suicides that you hate in preseason paid off, so you get self-satisfaction from it,” Lawson told Cowbell Kingdom.

This season, Lawson has definitely had his own year of redemption in terms of showing the NBA world that he can still play at a high level. He is averaging 9.5 points and 4.6 assists per game, which are not the star type numbers he posted during his Denver Nuggets days, but they are certainly solid for 25 minutes a night in a reserve role.

When the Kings were still battling for a playoff position in January, Lawson was a huge reason why as he would slice and dice defenses on a nightly basis and get his teammates open shots inside the paint and beyond the arc.


Very few guards are quicker than Lawson in terms of effectively getting to the paint and making plays for others. If the Kings decide to not bring him back next season, there will be plenty of other teams interested in the shifty veteran point guard.

Lawson has supreme confidence in his ability to play this game and many GM’s around the NBA know this, but when it comes to being a fan, Lawson feels the same stress most fans feel when it comes to supporting their beloved team.

“It’s stressful to be honest,” Lawson said about watching his Tar Heels Monday night. “I wanted them to win just as bad because I went through that situation and for them to be so close last year and then this year being in the same position, it was stressful. I was yelling at the TV.”

Feeling stress as a player is nothing in comparison to the stress you feel as a fan because according to Lawson, a player can control the outcome of a game and a fan can only watch.

Lawson has had issues off the court the past few years but he has been a consummate professional according to many of his teammates on the Kings and loves to bond with them and give advice when needed.

As Lawson’s redemption year comes to an end, the fact that he played solid basketball and has been a great locker room guy the entire season, he has definitely earned himself a contract for next season with any team that is looking for a point guard who can run an offense as a starter or a reserve.

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