LaVar Ball will not be a distraction for any team that drafts his son

Many around the basketball world have had their eyes set on the Ball family from Chino Hills, Calif., and the person who has been leading the charge by saying anything to generate attention has been LaVar Ball, father of the three Ball boys.

LaVar is the father of Lonzo Ball, LaMelo Ball, and LiAngelo Ball, all who have had success on the basketball floor thus far in their young careers.


Lonzo, who was the point guard for the UCLA Bruins declared for the NBA draft following a defeat against Kentucky. LaMelo and LiAngelo are both playing high school basketball in Chino Hills.

The thing that separates this family is not just the skillset of LaVar’s kids, but the fact that LaVar has been boasting about his kids on many large platforms around the United States.

Let’s dive in for a bit:

LaVar, apparently, has always known that his three sons would make it big, especially in basketball. During an interview with TMZ Sports, LaVar said ever since Lonzo came out the womb, he knew he would be great.


When asked if Lonzo would be as good as Stephen Curry, LaVar didn’t even hesitate.

“Hecks no, he gone be better than Stephen Curry in the NBA,” LaVar told TMZ Sports.

LaVar was now starting to become a regular on the Internet and television at this time. Following his comments, he reiterated them the following week.

While UCLA was playing USC, LaVar was present to watch Lonzo play where he said some things about his son that got the attention of the entire basketball world.

During an in-game interview with Lewis Johnson of Turner Sports at the game, LaVar said that he still stood by the fact that Lonzo is better than Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry.

“I have the utmost confidence in what my boy is doing and I’m going to tell you right now, he’s better than Stephen Curry to me,” Lavar told Johnson. “Put Stephen Curry on UCLA right now and put Lonzo on Golden State and watch what happens.”

With that being said, fans were already questioning whether or not LaVar would be a distraction for Lonzo. It makes sense for whichever team that drafts Lonzo to be hesitant because of his father.

While sitting down with FS1’s Undisputed, LaVar said that he would not get in the way of Lonzo.

“Lonzo is his own man,” LaVar said. “On Lonzo, you know what you are getting from him now. I’m not out there telling coaches to play my boy or whatever.”

While Lonzo was at UCLA, LaVar apparently never went to a single practice or got in the way of the coaching staff.

Basically, whichever team drafts Lonzo will be getting 100 percent Lonzo, and no LaVar. No distractions whatsoever. In fact, most recently on ESPN’s First Take, LaVar said that Lonzo would have nothing else to worry about other than basketball.

“Now he ain’t gotta worry about books and going to class,” LaVar said. “His training will literally be in the backyard.”

LaVar clearly understands the potential that his son, Lonzo, has. It made perfect sense for him to go and clarify whether or not he would continue to be in the spotlight to boast about his son.

Lonzo has said on many occasions that he does not listen or watch the media, so this would not affect him. Now basketball fans can finally see how good this kid can be.

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