Kosta Koufos’ double-double wasn’t enough against the Timberwolves

Last night was a tough one for the Sacramento Kings, losing 102-88 against the Minnesota Timberwolves. This is the Kings’ second consecutive loss.

The Kings were led by center Kosta Koufos, who nodded in 14 points and 11 rebounds for the night. This was his first double digit-scoring outing in seven games.


For over the course of those seven games, Koufos hasn’t really found his edge down low against defenders, but last night he showcased his ability to score in the post.

Prior to this lefty hook shot, guard Ben McLemore realized that Koufos was in great position for the shot. Not only was Koufos feeling it in the post, he was well aware of where his defender was at that time.

Koufos also found himself at the right spots during the game:

Lawson knew Karl-Anthony Towns would come over and help. As he did that, Lawson found Koufos down low for another open layup. When centers help out their guards on plays like these, it gives the other center room for an opportunity, but the point guard has to be aware.

Tomorrow night, the Kings will take on the Nets.


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