Sit Down Interview with Ricky Rubio

If you’re like me, you’re a huge Ricky Rubio fan to the point that you searched hours and hours around the Sacramento area in hopes of “stumbling” upon the restaurant where Geoff Petrie met the young Spanish sensation for dinner.
I went everywhere. I went to Melting Pot, Ink, Zocolos, Applebees, Center Court. And didn’t find them. So I was forced to just wait at home and keep refreshing the YouTube channel and for the eventual footage of a Ricky Rubio Q&A.

Finally, both sites came through for me and I was treated to roughly 13 minutes and change of Ricky Rubio answering questions from Sam Amick and Andrew Nicholson.

Here’s the link with the exclusive Sacramento Bee interview.

And here’s the embedded video from

Here are some of my favorite things from these two videos:

1. Ricky Rubio helping Sam out with the “technical difficulties.” See how much of a team player he is!?!
2. I love the fact that he mentioned helping his teammates and getting assists so much. He seems like the epitome of a team guy who loves to get others involved.
3. He seems to have really cherished his time in the Olympics. You can tell that it was a great moment for him to be able to play against the best and hold his own. It seems to have skyrocketed his confidence.
4. It’s kind of cool seeing the innocence from his answer with Andrew that he would want to come to Sacramento so that he can be with young teammates who would become his friends. For some reason, I can’t recall guys like Tyrus Thomas and Marcus Fizer saying these things in their pre-draft interviews.
5. I think he really wants to prove himself. At least, that’s the feeling and message that I got from these two interviews. He’s anxious but it’s in a good way. It’s similar to when Kevin Garnett was drafted in 1995 only not as insane. KG just wanted to get on the court and start playing and I feel like Ricky is the same way. He wants to just know where he’s going to end up, get with his teammates, and get the ball rolling, so to speak.

Let’s hope for all of our sakes, he’s doing that at Arco 41 nights next season.


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