Kings Interested in Sessions? I Doubt It

So I was perusing Sactown Royalty (as I am apt to do when Google Reader informs me that there has been a new post there) and I came across this link about the Kings possibly inquiring about acquiring Ramon Sessions, the semi-coveted restricted free-agent point guard from the Milwaukee Bucks. Here’s the quote from the Journal Times piece by Gery Woelfel:

There have also been rumblings the Sacramento Kings have recently inquired about Sessions. However, the extent of the Kings’ interest isn’t known.

This comment is kind of just thrown in at the end, in passing, and yet it gets the wheels going in fans minds (especially when it’s a slow news month).

Personally, I think that it’s complete conjecture and probably isn’t true. Do the Kings think Ramon Sessions is someone they’d want on their team? Absolutely. I don’t think they’d kick him out of bed, just like you probably wouldn’t kick Megan Fox out of bed. And I’m sure they’ve inquired about him just to see if they could steal him for a couple million per season. However, this piece of info from Chad Ford makes me think that the Kings don’t have any REAL interest in paying Sessions the close mid-level exception (probably what it would take and about what they have left in cap room this off-season) in order to get him in a Kings uniform:

The Kings should be somewhere between $9 million and $10 million under the cap. But given their financial woes of late, they might not be as willing to spend it as would some other teams.

If they potentially aren’t willing to spend the cap room next year on a supposedly better player then why would they acquire Ramon Sessions? What would that mean for Tyreke Evans? Would the Kings really have four point guards on the roster? Would Sergio Rodriguez be on his way out because it’s a little too quiet out here?

Geez, we need this season to get here already.


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