Kings Had Second Biggest Decline in Gate Receipts

My good internet friend and White Men Can’t Jump aficionado, Jared Wade, passed on an interesting article from in which Ken Berger goes over the biggest decline in team attendance from the past season. Jared was busy trying to see how badly his Indiana Pacers got hit last season, only to be pleasantly surprised that six to eight teams were hit worse than the increasingly whiter franchise in Indy.

And one of those teams was the Sacramento Kings. Here’s a quote from Berger’s column:

After the Nets, the next hardest-hit team was Sacramento, whose gate receipts declined $9.7 million, or 23 percent, in 2008-09. The Kings were one of only a handful of teams with significant salary-cap space to sign free agents this summer — joining Detroit, Oklahoma City and Memphis — but have wisely stayed on the sideline.

And here’s a fancy graphic produced and posted by

Basically what all this means is that the Kings lost roughly $10 million from the previous year’s attendance. It isn’t something that will drive them into the ground financially and it’s probably something that they prepared for well before it actually happened. But still interesting to know that the team took THAT big of a hit.

But don’t fear, the Maloofs have been watching Will Ferrell movies as of late and are prepared to boost attendance numbers with this tactic:


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