Kings finish second to last in ESPN’s pro franchise rankings

The Sacramento Kings are one of the worst franchises in all of professional sports, according to ESPN The Magazine.

To be exact, they finished 121st, or second to last, in ESPN’s 10th annual “Ultimate Standings”.  Out of 122 teams in the NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB, the Toronto Maple Leafs earned the dubious distinction of worst in all professional sports.  The Oklahoma City Thunder topped this year’s list.

Franchises were rated based on eight core categories, among them fan relations and affordability.  In the measure of ownership, the Kings finished in last place.

When ESPN began ranking franchises across different leagues in 2003, the Kings finished fourth in the standings.  Since then, their ranking has dropped dramatically.  Before this year, their previous worst finish was 119.

 Where the Kings have ranked in the last nine years:


ESPN The Magazine’s categories for determining franchises’ value:

  • Bang For The Buck (BNG): Wins during the past three years (regular season plus postseason) per revenues directly from fans, adjusted for league schedules.
  • Fan Relations (FRL): Openness and consideration toward fans by players, coaches and management.
  • Ownership (OWN): Honesty and loyalty to core players and local community.
  • Affordability (AFF): Price of tickets, parking and concessions.
  • Stadium Experience (STX): Quality of arena and game-day promotions as well as friendliness of environment.
  • Players (PLA): Effort on the field and likability off it.
  • Coaching (CCH): Strength of on-field leadership.
  • Title Track (TTR): Championships already won or expected in the lifetime of current fans.

For more information on the methodology behind the rankings, click here.


Jonathan Santiago
Jonathan Santiago serves Cowbell Kingdom as senior editor specializing in writing, podcasting and video production. He also handles the majority of CK’s day-to-day beat coverage of the Kings.

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