Kings Fans: Here’s Your Hub For Everything You’d Ever Want

The Sacramento Kings continue to be at the forefront of media content and finding a way to feed the obsession and passion of their fans.

They’ve been ahead of the curve as far as all forms of team media. They have interviews by Andrew Nicholson at a very impressive rate. They have an impressive presence with YouTube videos. They have the Kings Connect website that gives you perspectives and voices from all types of people involved with the team and organization.

And now, they have a site dedicated to aggregating every single bit of Kings content from the web into one central hub.

Check out the Around the Net section of the Kings Connect site and be prepared to bookmark and drool. Your Kings information has been centralized.

And don’t forget to follow the some of the people responsible for it on Twitter. Mitch Germann and Andrew Nicholson.

While you’re at it, follow me too.


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