Kings acquiring Jermaine Taylor for 2nd round pick

Our good ole friend 2nd round pick is no longer with the team according to Marc Stein’s Twitter account:

A little quick scouting report on Jermaine Taylor:

The rim should press charges on him or get a restraining order against him, because he attacks it constantly. Jermaine is not the shooter the Kings need by any means. But he’s a competent role player off the bench and will give you a highlight dunk nearly every time he’s on the floor. It’s a nice fit with the Kings because he’s like a good version of Antoine Wright with much better skills and effectiveness. He’s very aggressive in getting into the paint. Maybe a little too aggressive (see: out of control) in the way he attacks but he makes the defense move and get out of position to keep him from getting to the rack.

He’s going to be a fan favorite almost instantly when he rocks the rim his first time. Here’s a little preview:


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