Kevin Martin Has A Hairline Fracture


“An MRI taken today on Kevin Martin’s left wrist revealed a non displaced hairline fracture of the navicular bone.”

There is no definite treatment option that has been decided on yet. As someone who has had a hairline fracture in the wrist before, I can tell you that it’s not the kind of pain that resonates all the time but when moved suddenly or in any kind of basketball motion, it hurts like hell. It took about two weeks for mine to heal and after that, I didn’t have any problems with it.

After last game when he was asked about the wrist Kevin replied, “It made it.”

He didn’t sound confident when he said it but that could have been from the frustrating fourth quarter he and his teammates had just endured.

My take on it is to sit out. It’s not like this team is going to miss the playoffs because he misses two weeks. They’re going to miss the playoffs even if he plays all 82. The important thing is to keep him healthy long term. If he tries to play with it, he could end up missing a lot more time when it breaks. With the hairline fracture and him sitting out a couple of weeks today, he’ll miss five games. That sounds better than missing 20.

UPDATE: I’m under the impression that it’s worse than a hairline fracture after this tweet from Jason Jones of the Sac Bee:

Martin can opt for surgery or a cast and miss about two months or play with a broken wrist. He’ll decide soon. #nbakings


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