Kenneth Faried on Sacramento Kings GM Pete D’Alessandro’s personable approach

Sacramento Kings general manager Pete D'Alessandro speaks with Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried. (Photo: Jonathan Santiago)

The door to Pete D’Alessandro’s office always seems to be open. The Sacramento Kings general manager enjoys the opportunity to forge relationships with players that goes beyond just talking hoops. Considering D’Alessandro is a former agent, it’s not a surprise.

Kenneth Faried is one player who knows all about the Sacramento Kings GM’s personable approach. Faried, who just wrapped up an outstanding showing for the United States at the FIBA World Cup, had a close relationship with D’Alessandro when the latter worked in the Denver Nuggets’ front office. In July, Cowbell Kingdom caught up with Faried while Team USA trained in Las Vegas to get the power forward’s perspective on the Sacramento Kings GM.

CK: Pete D’Alessandro was a guy who was a part of the front office that drafted you to the Denver Nuggets. What can you tell us about those two seasons you spent under his watch?

KF: Well me and Pete had a great relationship. Great guy, really loves the game and loves just to be around it. I’m happy for him that he got the job he was looking for to basically build a team and be able to put great players in a great situation. Because I know he was enthusiastic about me coming in and really wanted me to play my game and basically gave playing time for the Nuggets. So I was excited when he got his job for Sacramento.

CK: What’s it mean to you to see him finally in charge of his own team?

KF: It means a lot more because he basically wanted me to thrive for the team and he picked me. And even if things work out or if they do work out for the Nuggets, he still wants me to be great.

CK: When you were drafted by the Nuggets in 2011, was Pete one of the guys in their front office who spoke to regularly throughout the process?

KF: Uh yeah, he was one of them. That was the exciting part about it. Then he kept in contact with me throughout the draft, after the lockout was over. Just being around the office, we had conversations. Even now, we still have conversations about basketball and what I think about certain things. It was a great experience when he was there. I wish he would’ve stayed. I wish he could’ve stayed, but he got the job that he wanted so I’m happy for him either way.

CK: Masai Ujiri left Denver last summer to take over the Toronto Raptors and for a period of time, it seemed like Pete was going to take over the helm in Denver. Was it disappointing to see him go to Sacramento considering he was a strong candidate to replace Masai?

KF: It was very disappointing, but he had to move on to something bigger and better and I’m happy for him.

CK: One thing that stands out about Pete to the people in Sacramento is that he’s a pretty approachable guy. He’s very easy to talk to and players seem to appreciate that.

KF: Yeah, I agree with that. He is very easy to talk to. I get along with him. We have great conversation. (He’s) easy-going, great speaker. Even though he’s so cool, he don’t take no nonsense though. Because if you ain’t doing the right stuff, he’ll tell you about it. And if you continue to do it, he will trade you!

CK: So he’s the first person to let you know when you’re messing up?

KF: Yeah, he would let you know and I respect that about him.


Jonathan Santiago
Jonathan Santiago serves Cowbell Kingdom as senior editor specializing in writing, podcasting and video production. He also handles the majority of CK’s day-to-day beat coverage of the Kings.

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