Jimmer comes in at #273 in the #NBArank.

According to the ESPN/True Hoop ranking of the top 500 NBA players, Jimmer Fredette sizes up at number 273 out of a possible 500.  Each NBA player was graded from 1-10, with ten being the highest possible score.  Jimmer averaged a score of 3.55 from the 91 basketball aficionados tasked with rating the players.



This feels like the Al Gore/George W. Bush election all over again.  Was there a hanging chad?  How could this happen?  Are there really 272 NBA players that are better than Jimmer Fredette?  Is Earl Boykins really one of those 272?  This is a travesty.  I demand a recount!

I fully expect these NBA experts (myself included) to “Get Jimmered” over this one.



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