WATCH: Isaiah Thomas teaches kids the art of shot-blocking

Isaiah Thomas would probably describe his coaching style as hands on.

The Sacramento Kings point guard is currently holding his second annual youth skills camp in Rocklin this week and he’s spending plenty of time on the floor with all the kids who registered to participate.  And even though he stands at just 5-foot-9, Thomas taught one special camper a skill in defense that you rarely get to see used by the undersized point guard.

[youtube id=”9Stsz8Ya_As” width=”600″ height=”350″]

“I’m still a kid,” the 24-year-old guard said yesterday with a smile to Cowbell Kingdom.  “And I’ve told people before, I’m only a little bit taller than these guys anyways, so it’s fun for me.”

Thomas wants kids to have an interactive experience at his camp.  He has vivid memories of attending camps himself as a youngster and remembered that the headlining athletes weren’t always so gracious with their time.

“I told myself when I did make it to the NBA I did want to have camps,” Thomas said. “But (I wanted to) be there all day and be like the kids because that’s things they’re gonna remember their whole life – interacting with you and just being around you and being able to ask you questions and you talking to them like you’ve been friends forever.”

Having your shot blocked by the Kings’ starting point guard?  Probably can’t get anymore memorable than that.

Additional video shot by Tobin Halsey.


Jonathan Santiago
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