Interview with When Kingdom Come from BC

An author on by the name of Doktakra was kind enough to seek me out and ask me a few questions on my experiences with writing, the Kings, and other basketball related stuff. Why would he want to interview me of all people? I still haven’t figured that out.

But whatever the reason happened to be, he came up with some really great and thought-provoking questions for me to answer. Here’s a little snippet of it with a link shortly after.

You’ve followed the franchise since the (dreadful) days of Rory Sparrow and Duane Causwell in the early ’90s. Who have been your favorite players to watch during this time, and what are some of your best and worst Kings memories?

My absolute favorite player to watch, like many, was Jason Williams. He was never given the proper credit for galvanizing this franchise. Sure, he was part of the perfect storm of players coming together with a coach who maximized their abilities and strengths, but he brought a certain attitude and demeanor to the team that allowed them to entertain. It wasn’t just that he was the original posterboy for YouTube — he was the player that changed the viewpoint of the basketball universe to put focus and attention on Sacramento. I also loved to watch guys like Walt Williams and Sarunas Marciulionis. I loved those tough-nosed wing players that could knock down the outside shot.

I answer questions about my experience going from general NBA coverage with to the Tyreke Evans over Rubio selection to how I would describe the Ron Artest experience in Sacramento.

Here is the link to the interview and many thanks to Doktakra for conducting this.


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