In case you missed them, here are some required Kings summer reading articles.

Not to shamelessly promote the work of others but man oh man do Kings fans miss the day-to-day writing of Sam Amick. Yesterday Amick went back-to-back with:

“Tyreke Evans and Paul Westphal on Sacramento’s Future”.


“Tyreke Evans Takes Aim at Regaining His Jump Shot”.

I will delve deeper into both of these articles during the next few weeks when we break down the Kings roster Panjandrum style.

Amick left the Sacramento Bee earlier this year to pursue something a little different with Fanhouse. The Sacramento Bee has not found the same insider media player since Sam left. Let me clearly state that this isn’t a dig on Jason Jones, it’s tough to write pieces like these when you are on a job-mandated hiatus through most of August. Here is Jason Jones’ tweet from August 2, 2010:

In case you were wondering, yes I’m still off and planning to reappear sometime in September. I might be at Arco for Monday Night Raw Aug. 9 Monday, August 02, 2010 8:38:36 PM via TweetDeck

With the Sacramento Bee being the only show in town, it is great to have Amick step back in via Fanhouse to deliver such relevant and quality pieces, even if it is just two articles.