I Think Coach Westphal and Spencer Hawes Are Cool Again

During the intros for tonight’s first game for the Kings since the Hawes-Westphal “feud” officially went public, the Kings coach and Spencer decided to show that it was all water under the bridge after two days of practice.

After the game, Coach had this to say about the intros:

– “If you want to see that again, you’ll probably have to go back to YouTube. I doubt if I’ll pull that one out again for a long time.”

He spoke about it being a lot of fun and after a couple days of hearing about how they hated each other, it was a fun thing for them to be able to go out and do. Probably not the blood-thirsty quenching that some people wanted from this situation but it’s good to see the team has moved ahead and chosen to laugh at themselves a little bit.

Am I right?


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