Here We Stay.

This is a pretty simple concept.  The team that you follow is threatening to leave town.  Not on another road trip, but for good – never to return.  You can cry, you can place blame and get angry or you can get off your ass and try to make a little bit of difference.

That is what Here We Stay is all about.  It is about standing up and saying not only do I not want the Sacramento Kings to move to Anaheim, but I am going to educate myself and everyone I know about this situation in hopes that the word will spread, one family member, co-worker or twitter follower at a time.  I may have Cowbell Kingdom to voice my opinion, but each and every one of you have a voice as well that can reach plenty of people.

Zach has posted today’s news from Mark Kreidler that the Maloofs are primed to file for a relocation extension from the NBA.  Instead of doom and gloom, take this opportunity to go out and purchase tickets for as many games as you can afford over the next month.  There are huge plans for Monday night’s game against the Clippers, but don’t let that be the end of the push.  Kings fans have an opportunity to show the Maloofs that we are committed to fighting for our team to stay in Sacramento, an extension only gives us more time to do that.


James Ham

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