Here We Stay group takes on KJ and the City Council.

Tuesday evening, with all cameras rolling, the Here We Stay group made their presence known at Sacramento City Hall.  Ignoring the torrential downpour, the group first marched around the exterior of the building, chanting and waving banners.  Once it was time to go inside and face Sacramento Mayor and ex-NBA star Kevin Johnson and the rest of the city council, one after another, individuals from the group stepped up to the podium and spoke from the heart.  You can find footage of the council meeting here.  The Here We Stay group can be found from the 25:40-43:00 minute mark, but really you should watch all the way to the 49:20 mark to get the full effect – there is an awesome elderly man talking about his 10 year fight to get bingo at his senior center followed by a Here We Stay chant that fills the council room.

As a long time member of the group, I too stepped up to the podium to promote the idea that I wrote about here at Cowbell.  You can find me at the 36:15 mark and believe me, I was nervous.  After this last two week stretch, I have done plenty of TV and radio interviews talking about the Kings’ possible relocation, but this was different.  I think I made my point, whether it fell on deaf ears or not is for someone else to answer.  You can find local television coverage of the event here, here and here.

What’s next for the Here We Stay movement is a mad dash to sell out the Kings/Thunder game on April 11, 2011.  Click on the link and buy as many tickets as you can to support the cause.  If you would like to purchase tickets, but can’t make it to the game or would just like to kick in a little extra, e-mail me at and I will find a rabid fellow Cowbell reader to fill the seat.


James Ham

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