Hassan Whiteside Nursing His Bum Knee

From Jason Jones:

What Whiteside doesn’t like is his injured knee. He won’t play in tonight’s exhibition opener against Phoenix. Whiteside said being injured isn’t something he’s used to.

“I’ve never been hurt,” he said. “I missed my first practice the other day in my life. That was pretty crazy.”

It’s probably not a big deal but the strained patellar tendon in his left knee needs rest. So Hassan will miss his first pre-season game of his career. Samuel Dalembert will also miss the game with a strained adductor and Darnell Jackson is out with a strained hip.

As much as you’d like to see Whiteside play in this up-tempo game against the Suns in which he’d undoubtedly get some high-flying dunks and blocked shots for the ole YouTube résumé, it’s best that he takes it slow and gets ready for the regular season (in case he’s called on when it truly matters).


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