Has the New Era of Proud officially arrived?

The Sacramento Kings organization as a whole have been reluctant to move DeMarcus Cousins, until now. According to multiple sources, the Kings have traded Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Kings were in discussions over the past several days with the Pelicans management at All-Star weekend and also had discussions with the Los Angels Lakers but ultimately, they pulled the trigger on the Pelicans deal.

Oh yea, the most dramatic week during the NBA season has officially begun. The NBA Trade Deadline is right around the corner and this trade stole the show Sunday night.

We had a chance to speak to Cousins after the game along with other reporters:

As you could tell, Cousins handled the questions very well and I applaud him for it. He kept it professional, and ended his Kings tenure the right way.

One thing that was clearly noted when the trade went down was that the unhappy Kings fans were much louder than the happy Kings fans. It’s usually always that way.

The Kings are receiving Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, a protected (1-3) 2017 first round pick and 2017 second round pick.


The unhappy fans don’t believe the Kings received fair trade value. That’s a fair assumption but not completely accurate. The Kings were not winning with Cousins and the way the roster was constructed from years of bad decision-making, I truly believe they weren’t ever going to be more than an eight seed, let alone win a championship.

Why did I even mention a championship when this team hasn’t made the playoffs in over a decade? Well, the goal for every NBA team should not be making the playoffs but winning a championship and the future wasn’t bright for the Kings.

Is the future bright after this trade?

Only time will tell. This is going to be a process but the Kings will have a young exciting nucleus to work with for the next couple years.

Hield, the Pelicans first round pick and their own pick in a loaded 2017 draft is interesting and should be categorized as a potential positive future.

But many fans will jump to conclusions such as the Kings don’t draft well and Divac is an awful general manager. Let’s make things very clear: Divac didn’t trade Isaiah Thomas and didn’t draft all the busts the Kings have had in the past decade.

He has drafted Willie Cauley-Stein, Malachi Richardson, Skal Labissiere and Georgious Papagiannis. As of right now, they are all unknown players. We don’t know if they will or will not pan out and be any good for the franchise. What we do know is that they will get their shot at developing under Dave Joerger who is known to be a very good coach and whom I believe is a very good coach.

Another thing to note is that Cousins’ value wasn’t as high as many Kings fans believe it was. The first reason is because of his reputation and not knowing that he would resign with the team that would trade for him. There is no guarantee he resigns with the Pelicans and if that would be the case, then the same Pelicans fans that are celebrating right now will have a change of heart.


Let me note another reason: The Sacramento Kings have been awful with Cousins the past seven years and for all the fans that want to use the Carmelo Anthony trade as an example, it’s simply not fair. Anthony was the leader and best player on a winning team. That matters.

Hield is averaging 8.6 points per game on 39.2 percent shooting, which is not very impressive. With that said, he will now be on a team that needs a guy who will need to score and fill in a huge void Cousins left. Expect his numbers to skyrocket in the final 25 games because someone needs to score the points.

By the time you get to this point in the column, you are probably not feeling any better, but the same can be said for the past seven losing seasons with Cousins. Losing sucks and it generates frustration.

Many more moves will most likely be made this week. Hitting the reset button for the Kings is an attempt to begin to work towards a winning culture and stabilize the franchise in my honest opinion.

I don’t feel comfortable giving my full take a few hours after the trade because the roster will look different in a couple days. What we do know is that Matt Barnes and Galloway will most likely be waived.

I will say this though: I love Buddy Hield and I expect him to play a huge role for this franchise in their quest of becoming relevant once again.

I don’t want to read too much into social media but I have to ask the question because the CK Podcast will go live today and I want fans to join the show.

Are you a DeMarcus Cousins fan or a Sacramento Kings fan? Will the same upset fans continue to bleed purple or will they follow Cousins to New Orleans? I believe most unhappy fans with this trade will continue to root for Sacramento, but I want fans to comment on my question and I want you guys to join the live CK Podcast later today. We will provide frontline coverage all day long and keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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