Harsh reality sets in – compromise needed or season is lost

Hope is a fickle thing.  For months now, we have held out hope that maybe the Owners and NBPA would work out some sort of compromise on a new collective bargaining agreement.  We watched our twitter timelines while Ken Berger, Howard Beck, Henry Abbott and others  spent hours of their lives trying to keep us updated on negotiations from posh New York City hotels.  How U!  Today we get yet one more piece of bad news for the few of us still holding out hope for a 2011-12 NBA season.

Basketball fans hoping for a quick resolution to the legal battle in California between NBA players and owners were handed some disappointing news — the first court date is set for Feb. 29.

-Fox Sport

There will be no speedy summary judgement.  There will be no expedited proceedings – not in California at least.  This is not a huge surprise; it is a sad reality that many of us already assumed.  We are left with one hope – compromise.

According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard via twitter, compromise is not on the horizon.






So we wait.  We wait for the NBA Owners or the group formerly known as the NBPA to come to their senses and make some concessions.  This has been dubbed a battle between millionaires and billionaires.  At this point, it looks more like a pissing contest between two 75-year-old men with swollen prostates.

I guess the good news is Major League Baseball has agreed to five more years.


James Ham

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